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Praise from Ashley Bryan

“The Women Who Caught The Babies is a Masterpiece of Art and Writing! It deserves RESOUNDING Praise and Awards!” – letter from the author/artist on 23 March 2019


Praise from Shirikiana

I am so gratified to see such a beautiful treatment of a little recognized African American tradition, combining the poetic verse of the woman who loves words, Eloise Greenfield, with the amazing artistic eye of illustrator, Daniel Minter.
Ms. Greenfield is so adept at picking jewels from the African heritage and illuminating them for us all. Like so many such traditions, mid-wifery is one that could have been lost in our rush to shed all things country during the great migration in order to be seen as “proper” in white, northern cities. Luckily, the tradition has been fought for in alternative health circles, restoring its reputation as a warm, healthy way to usher babies into the world, “to be loved.” The Woman Who Caught the Babies firmly grounds this tradition in our African roots, reminding us that some of our greatest traditions were brought with us on the boat, sustaining us now and into the future.


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